Thought of the Day 11-5-08

November 5, 2008 at 5:46 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

As we were walking home from her school on Election Day 2008, my 6 year-old daughter Maddie proclaimed out of nowhere,
“Only men can vote for president”.
I asked her where she had gotten that idea. She claimed to just make it up. I went on to tell her that a long time, over 100 years ago, it used to be that way; only men could vote. Then I told her, “But do you know what happened? A bunch of women organized and demanded the right to vote…and they got it! But no one just gave them that right; they had to fight for it.”
Maddie asked, “fought? Like a battle?”
I replied, “Yes, but not with swords and shields and bows and arrows… but with WORDS, and LAWS. A bunch of smart women spoke up and used their words and thoughts to get the right to vote. Do you know who is like that? Your MOMMY! She’s super smart, and knows how to use thoughts and words to win. And she knows the Law.”
Maddie then asked, “Can she ride a horse?”


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